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200 A/H VISION Deep Cycle Solar Batteries 12v


Perfect for Solar or Off Grid Use

Product Description

Lead Dioxide

60kg each

Maintenance-free operation.

Low self discharge.

Case and cover available in both standard and flame retardant ABS. Dimensions and Weight Length(mm / inch) 526 / 20.71 Width(mm / inch) 238 / 9.37 Height(mm / inch) 246 / 9.69 Total Height(mm / inch) 246 / 9.69 Approx. Weight(Kg / lbs) 59.5 / 131.2 * Nominal Voltage 12V Number of cell 6

Design Life 10 years

Nominal Capacity 25oC 10 hour rate (20.0A, 10.8V) 200Ah 5 hour rate (36.0A, 10.5V) 180Ah 1 hour rate (124A, 9.6V) 124Ah

Internal Resistance

Fully Charged battery 77oF(25oC) 4.0mOhms Self-Discharge 3% of capacity declined per month at 20oC(average)

Operating Temperature Range Discharge -20~60oC Charge -10~60oC Storage -20~60oC Max. Discharge Current 77oF(25oC) 1000A(5s)

Short Circuit Current 4300A

Charge Methods: Constant Voltage Charge 77oF(25oC) Cycle use 2.40-2.45VPC

Maximum charging current 60A

Temperature compensation -30mV/oC Standby use 2.20-2.30VPC

Temperature compensation -20mV/oC


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