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Microsoft Server 2016 Data Center Edition and 50 Remote Desktop Services Included


Product Description

Security At The OS Level

Windows Server 2016 includes built-in breach resistance to help thwart attacks on your systems and meet compliance goals. Even if someone finds a way into your environment, the layers of security built into Windows Server 2016 limit the damage they can cause and help detect suspicious activity.

Evolve Your Infrastructure

Datacenter operations are struggling to reduce costs while handling more data traffic. New applications stretch the operational fabric and create infrastructure backlogs that can slow business. As organizations push the boundaries of highly virtualized environments, they can use Windows Server 2016 capabilities to meet operational and security challenges, freeing up IT resources to plan a strategy that uses the cloud for future applications and solutions.

Application Innovation

Windows Server 2016 supports application innovation using container technology and microservices. Containers can help speed application deployment and streamline the way IT operations and development teams collaborate to deliver applications. In addition, developers can use microservices architectures to separate app functionality into smaller, independently deployable services, which make it easier to upgrade part of the app without affecting the rest.
New Servicing or Installation Option
The Windows Server 2016 has released a new facility option which is the Nano Server. This allows frequent innovations while taking full advantage of the faster Cloud revolution. The Nano Server is known for its relatively smaller installation footprint of about 92 percent compared to the other Windows Server installation options.

Nano is subtle which makes it easily ported into servers, data centers, as well as physical sites. It also hosts the current Windows Server workloads as well as the Hyper-V host. Nano Server is designed to be managed remotely. However, it doesn’t include the minimal local management user interface which is the Nano Server Recovery Console.
Improved Identity and Access
The improved features in Identity for the Windows Server 2016 makes the Active Directory environments more secure. It provides a much better identity management experiences for both the personal and corporate devices.

The Active Directory Certificate Services has gained an increase in support for the TPM key attestation where the Smart Card KSP can now be used. NDES enrollment can also be made for devices that weren’t joined to the domain.

In Windows Server 2016, the Active Directory Federation Services has new features that allow configurations. This happens when authenticating users that are stored in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directories.

The newest Web Application Proxy in Identity also has new features that allow both publishing and pre-authentication for more applications.
Better Management and Automation Features
The Windows PowerShell 5.0 in the Windows Server 2016 has significant new features such as the support for the developing with the classes. It also has a new security feature that has an extended use and improved usability. This also supports easy control and management of Windows-based environments.

New additions also include locally running the PowerShell.exe on the Nano Server, Local Users and Groups cmdlets from the old GUI, PowerShell debugging support. The security logging and transcription is also supported.
Software-Defined Networking
Windows Server 2016 has improved features regarding networking that are made for IT professionals. The software-defined networking enables mirror and route traffic to the existing or new virtual appliances.

Upgraded Security and Assurance

The Windows Server 2016 has enhanced security solutions to set up into the data centers and the cloud environment. The Just Enough Administration security technology allows delegated administration using the Windows PowerShell. It has supports for the running under a particular network identity. Copying files from or to JEA endpoints securely, PowerShell Direct connection, and PowerShell console configuration are also allowed.

Security additions for the Windows Server 2016 also include the Credential Guard, Remote Credential Guard, Device Guard or Code Identity, and Shielded Virtual Machines

Enhanced Storage Feature

The storage system of the Windows Server 2016 is improved to provide a software-defined storage in addition to the traditional file servers.

New storage features include Storage Spaces Direct which allows building some highly available as well as scalable storage. The software-defined storage systems have a simplified setup and management. This can also unlock the use of the new classes of some disk devices like SATA SSD and the NVMe.

Minimum system requirements:

Processor Requirements:
1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
Supports NX and DEP
X64 instruction set compatible
Supports NPT or EPT
Supports LAHF/SAHF, CMPXCHG16b, and PrefetchW

RAM Requirements:

512 MB or 2 GB for the Server having Desktop Experience installation option
Error Correcting Code (ECC) technology or the same technology type

Disk Space and Storage Controller Requirement:

Minimum of 32 Gigabyte (GB) disk space
Extra disk space for when installing the server operating system over a network
Extra disk space for systems with more than 16 Gigabyte (GB) of RAM for paging, hibernation, and the dump files.

Network Adapter Requirements:

Ethernet Adapter cable with at least 1 Gigabyte throughput
PXE or Preboot Execution Environment
Compliant with PCI Express architecture specification

Other System Requirements (for running certain features):

DVD drive (for installing the server operating system from a DVD media)
Graphics devise and monitor capable: Super VGA (1024 x 768) screen resolution or higher
UEFI 2.3.1c-based system and firmware secure boot support
TPM or Trusted Platform Module (for using BitLocker Drive Encryption)
Internet Access
Microsoft keyboard and mouse or any other compatible pointing device


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