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DDS Online Backup Manager (DDS OBM)

Dynamic Digital Solutions Backup Manager (DDS OBM) is designed as a multi-platform, reliable and secure application for backing up all of your environments. DDS OBM takes out the element of human error by sending your data to us at predetermined times over secure links via the internet.

One of the ways in which DDS OBM is unique is that it has been programmed so that it only takes a backup that is incremental i.e. It will only retrieve the data that has changed. This method we call In-file Delta which drastically changes the way backups are done. Data coherence is an integral part of any business and we have taken every measure to make sure that the company/client is safe and secure, on completion of the software installation the company/client will be instructed to enter a password with which to encrypt (128 bit) and decrypt their data. This password also has 128 bit embedded encryption, thus DDS specialists have no access to this information without the use of that specific password.


From conception Dynamic Digital Solutions knew that it had to create an application that would span all working environments, and our R&D team has taken great strides in bringing you a product that will work on any operating system and backup any and all open files. What our countries infrastructure lacks, Dynamic Digital Solutions makes up in service. As a result of our poor yet improving telecommunications network in South Africa seeding (initial data upload) large amounts of data over copper would take an enormous amount of time and money however DDS has readily available technicians to physically service your seeding requirements. In our corporate environment we understand that competition inspires progress and thus our DDS Specialists will setup a free 7 day Assessment Period at your convenience for the company/client to test our award winning software. A DDS Representative will contact you and facilitate the entire process, from installation, configuration and seeding.


If you are a company/client that has over 6GB of crucial data that needs protecting, please click here to find out more.

DDS Lite

DDS Lite is a compact, refined and easy to use backup application. We have taken the additional options out of the package for the end user, providing a lightweight platform that can be setup in seconds. Essentially if the end user has access to an internet connection he/she will be able to contact their data from anywhere across the country. This application is unequaled for the user is who is on-the-go.

Due to the (256 bit) encryption methods in the application, your information is as secure as your bank account. DDS maintains no access to your information other than to transport it along world class security channels. DDS Lite, like all of our software is platform independent. If you are apprehensive about the integrity of your information then this product will help you find the security that will bring you piece of mind.

Storage Options

0-10GB R100 per month

If you are home user or a business with under 10GB of data click here.

Storage Facility

Considering our unique position in the market and our assured storage strategy, client capacity has become unlimited in our data centers, due to the nature of client information and the vast amounts of data stored the locations of our data centers are undisclosed due to strict security protocols.

We have established long standing partnerships with major technology vendors around the globe, this allow s us to stay ahead and up to the minute on hardware and software releases, allowing us to bring you world class service.

We have gone through great lengths to secure your data and have taken every measure to make sure our physical up-time upholds international standards.

Importance of Data Backup

Setting up data backup, recovery and retention policies is the only way to prevent disaster from happening, this we call an N+1 redundancy strategy, which will ensure your business continuity. Governments around the world have started imposing regulations to ensure safe data retention in businesses so as to protect public interest. Although your industry may not be affected at the moment, it is wise to be ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the regulations:

United States:

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOA)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

United Kingdom:

The Turnbull Guidance 1999
The Companies Act 2004
UK Data Protection Act


EU Data Protection Directive (EU DPD)
EC Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (EC Directive) – 2003


Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) – Canada


Japan Personal Information Protection Act 2003 (PIP)

Conventional backup methods (e.g. tape) are insufficient.

  • High failure rates during restoration.
  • Critical backup failures will not be detected until at the time of restoration.
  • High cost of maintenance and licensing is prohibitive.
  • Data is not encrypted.
  • Fixed capacity per unit makes backup job less flexible.
  • Prone to physical and mechanical damages.
  • Prone to be stolen or misplaced.

Installation and User Guide

Download the PDF format user guide to help you with installation and usage of the DDS Lite software package.


DDS Lite Software

Download the software installation package for use on Windows systems.


Whitepaper: Online Backup

Download the whitepaper authored by Ryan van Eijk with information and facts about online backup.